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If those who founded the USD Sanford School of Medicine in 1907 were to drop in on the school today, what would they find most surprising? Would the time travelers marvel at the modern teaching facilities, our amazing ability to cure previously deadly diseases, or would they be puzzled by the complexities of medical practice in the modern era of technology and regulation? The first century of the medical school’s existence brought immense change as the school evolved. As advances in medical science and medical practice accelerated, the school kept pace. The first century resulted in a well-established medical school that provided excellent education and supplied an outstanding medical workforce for South Dakota. Now more than a dozen years into its second century, the school has moved squarely into the national spotlight. As the following article details, the school has become an award-winning leader in curricular innovation, setting the standard for longitudinally integrated learning. New rural-based programs have drawn students to the wonderful small towns of South Dakota for a deep and meaningful educational experience. Basic science research has blossomed, bringing important discoveries and opening opportunities for students. New residency programs have been developed to train graduating students. The school has deepened its commitment to serve all the diverse communities of the state. Most recently, a new focus on kindness in medicine has emerged. Yet if visitors from 1907 found much to surprise them, there is much that would seem unchanged. The school still needs, receives and is very grateful for the support it receives from the physicians, healthcare institutions, leaders, and communities of South Dakota. Faculty and students are still known for their integrity, skill and hard work. The unwavering focus on educational excellence and providing a physician workforce for South Dakota continues. The advances of today are built on the foundations of yesterday. The pace of change is always increasing. Imagine the possibilities!

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South Dakota Medicine