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Karen Card


Emotional intelligence and resilience are essential proficiencies critical for nurses to deliver safe and quality patient care. In the healthcare industry, nurses are exposed to numerous complex circumstances in demanding and high-stress environments. The quality of patient care a nurse can deliver depends on one's capacity to handle certain situations effectively. Emotional intelligence and resilience were potentially important variables in improving clinical practices and patient outcomes (Cleary et al., 2018). With the nursing shortage in the US, all nurses became necessary and required on the front lines of patient care during this time of dire need, regardless of their levels of education (Boyle 2021 ; Dykes & Chu, 2020; Gerdtz, 2020). According to research, healthcare professionals with high levels of emotional intelligence and resilience enhanced the standard of patient care, patient satisfaction, and clinical outcomes (Strickland et al., 2022). A survey was distributed to examine the difference between ADN and BSN nursing students' emotional intelligence and resilience scores. Specifically, emotional intelligence and resilience scores were collected from ADN and BSN nursing students to determine what differences existed between ADN and BSN students' emotional intelligence and resilience scores. The results revealed there was no statistical significance in emotional intelligence and resilience scores between ADN and BSN students. Nevertheless, the data from this study warrant reconsidering the push for BSN nurses, given the importance of emotional intelligence and resilience on nursing outcomes. In light of the nursing shortage, this reconsideration is especially critical.


Education, Nursing

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University of South Dakota



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