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Many schools have implemented School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to address student behavior and social-emotional issues. Historically, the implementation of PBIS has been most prominent at the elementary level; however, more secondary schools have implemented PBIS in the past few years. Staff buy-in of PBIS at the secondary level proved more challenging because of secondary school barriers. This improvement science study used qualitative research to explore what factors contributed to or hindered staff buy-in of PBIS and whether transformational leadership improved buy-in. Participants included seven staff at BEMHS. Qualitative data was derived from a focus group and themes emerged to show what supported and hindered staff buy-in. Three themes emerged that supported staff buy-in. First, PBIS focused on promoting positive behaviors indicating school culture has improved since PBIS implementation. Secondly, PBIS has improved student behavior and culture. Thirdly, transformational leadership did promote staff buy-in. Three themes emerged that hindered staff buy-in. Staff needed more professional development to better understand the referrals and the referral system. The second theme analyzed that hindered staff buy-in was the concern with PBIS, positive students got less recognition in the program. The final theme indicated more support was needed for staff to embrace the attitude of PBIS as a beneficial intervention, so fidelity improves. The discussion results were used to determine the next steps to develop a Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycle for BEMHS. The PDSA was a 90-day plan which included staff surveys, data analysis, and module training for staff.

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PBIS, Secondary Level, Staff Buy In

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