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Master of Arts (MA)


Communication Studies

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Charles Lubbers


College athletes are a unique group of individuals as they face many positive and negative challenges when competing in a collegiate sport. Verbal rumination is repetitive talk about a particular issue, accompanied by adverse effects for an individual. Verbal rumination is a common strategy athletes use to cope with difficulties along with managing challenging situations in their athletic program. To explore factors that might inspire or impede verbal rumination in collegiate athletics, the present study examines the quality of coach and teammate relationships, perceived stress and athlete identity. Results revealed the impact of relationships between coaches and athletes in respect to encouraging or mitigating verbal rumination. These findings also reiterated the vital importance of relationships with coaches as a gateway to verbal rumination and emphasized the interrelation between stress and identity, suggesting important practical implications related to health communication in collegiate athletics.

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Communication | Mental and Social Health


College Athletes, Health Communication, Identity, Relationships, Stress, Verbal Rumination

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University of South Dakota



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