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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Karen Card


Professional development for teachers must evolve to provide a personalized approach to better meet the needs of the individual. Micro-credentialing is one way to provide teachers with personalized professional development. This case study explores the implementation of a micro-credentialing course in one school district. The district selected a company that provides micro-credential courses nationwide. The theoretical framework for the study is Andragogy, the theory of adult learning (Knowles, 1984). The objective of the study is to determine to what extent micro-credentialing meets the needs of teachers, and to what extent it is effective professional development. Data for this qualitative study was collected through teacher surveys and interviews. A district administrator and a company representative were also interviewed. Analysis of the surveys and interviews revealed teachers found value in the course, they also shared suggestions for improvement.

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Educational Administration and Supervision


Professional development

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University of South Dakota



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