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Michael Granaas


The current study examined the validity of the Alternative Model of Personality Disorders (AMPD) in predicting sexually aggressive cognitions in men. Specifically, this study examined the role of maladaptive personality traits and personality functioning’s relationship with sexually aggressive beliefs in comparison to the Five-Factor Model (FFM). This study recruited 300 male participants, aged 18 and older, who identified as male for both sex and gender, and identified as heterosexual. Participants completed measures of personality functioning, several personality traits, views about sexual entitlement, gender roles, rape myths, and token resistance to sex. Multiple regression and semipartial correlation analyses were used to evaluate the relationship between the AMPD, FFM, and sexually aggressive cognitions. Maladaptive traits, personality functioning, and FFM traits were related to sexually aggressive thoughts. Additionally, personality functioning incremented the prediction of sexual entitlement, endorsed rape myths, and perceptions of token resistance to sex over maladaptive traits. Further, FFM traits incremented the predictions of sexually aggressive thoughts over the AMPD. Specifically, openness added to the prediction of all measures of sexually aggressive thoughts. Agreeableness specifically added to the prediction of views about rape myths. Overall, this study provides a more comprehensive knowledge of how personality functioning and personality traits are related to sexual aggressiveness by examining the relationship between the AMPD and FFM in predicting sexually aggressive cognitions.

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Clinical Psychology | Personality and Social Contexts | Psychology


AMPD, Big 5, Five Factor Model, Maladaptive Traits, Personality Functioning, Sexual Aggression

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University of South Dakota



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