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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

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Karen Card


This study examined the academic and social-emotional outcomes and teacher perceptions of the initial implementation of a culturally responsive social-emotional learning Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) within a culturally homogenous rural Kindergarten Center. For this study, academic and behavioral student outcomes and teacher perceptions of both the implementation process and the outcomes of the implementation were explored. A quantitative ex post facto study based on students’ academic achievement scores and behavioral data, along with survey research to determine teacher perceptions, compared a cohort of students who participated in the culturally responsive social-emotional learning MTSS with a cohort that didn’t. Overall, 113 students were in the 2017-18 cohort that did not participate in the MTSS while 89 students were in the 2018-19 cohort that did participate in the MTSS. In addition, 14 teachers who participated in the implementation of the MTSS were surveyed. The results indicated that behavioral outcomes improved but that the improvement was not statistically significant. Academic outcomes slightly declined, with the change in reading skill scores being statistically significant between cohorts. Teacher perceptions of the impacts of individual components of the CR SEL MTSS were positive for each component in each area of impact. Teacher perceptions were also positive when considering the process used in implementing the CR SEL MTSS. Utilizing implementation science to develop and implement multi-tiered systems of support is valuable in ensuring teachers’ positive perceptions of the intervention and its implementation.

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Educational Leadership


culturally responsive, initial implementataion, multi-tiered system of support, social-emotional

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University of South Dakota