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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Health Science

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Jessica J McHugh


A dissertation study was developed and completed to further explore the relationship between phonological awareness (PA) and phonetic transcription skills in undergraduate speech-language pathology students. A review of the literature provides gaps in knowledge which the proposal seeks to address. Based upon this literature review, the researcher compared PA skills of undergraduate students of various majors, to determine if there was a change in PA by taking a traditional phonetics course, and to explore phonetic transcription outcomes as the result of direct PA intervention with undergraduate SLP students. Quantitative analysis was used to answer three research questions, which were organized into three separate articles. An assessment tool for PA was developed by the researcher based upon synthesis of the literature review. The overarching goal of this dissertation study was to further explore the relationship between PA and the acquisition of phonetic transcription skills so that curriculum development and course design for SLP undergraduate programs can be based upon the evidence.

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Higher Education | Speech and Hearing Science


higher education, phonemic awareness, phonetic transcription, phonetics, phonological awareness, speech-language pathology

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University of South Dakota