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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Health Science

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Dr. Patti Berg-Poppe


Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, graduate health programs have undertaken greater utilization of online learning, employing synchronous and asynchronous online lectures as a replacement for traditional face-to-face instruction. Although supported in previous literature as a method at least equally effective to traditional learning, online learning has been a source of frustration for students and instructors expecting face-to-face instruction. This dissertation project seeks to explore (1) the ways in which principles of andragogy have been implemented in graduate health programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, (2) the factors that contribute to preference for online method of lecture participation (synchronous or asynchronous) among graduate health students, and (3) if one method of online lecture participation (synchronous or asynchronous) is superior for students enrolled in traditional style graduate health programs and if it is in the student’s best academic interest to choose, based on preference, between synchronous and asynchronous lecture. This project includes a review of literature, a survey, and a post-test only quasi-experimental design to explore the preferences and performance of physical and occupational therapy students enrolled in graduate programs at a Midwestern university.

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Education | Health and Physical Education


Andragogy, Asynchronous, Lecture, Online, Preference, Synchronous

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University of South Dakota



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