Date of Award

Spring 2021

Document Type

Honors Thesis


Arts and Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Kyle Brouwer

Second Advisor

Dr. Susan Gapp

Third Advisor

Dr. Lindsey Jorgensen


Literacy, Policy, Dyslexia, Accessible Literacy Learning


The purpose of this thesis is to describe dyslexia legislation and implementation guidelines in South Dakota and selected surrounding states. Dyslexia has been defined as a language-learning disability that affects a person's reading and writing skills negatively.

Federal legislation, The Individuals with Disabilities in Legislation Act (2004), identifies dyslexia as a specific learning disability; however, distinguish dyslexia from a broader category. Legislation and requirements are being recently passed in multiple states, affecting dyslexia policy. This thesis will provide an overview of the legislation and guidelines of dyslexia in Midwest region. Best practices in assessment and instruction for dyslexia have been reviewed, identified, and used as the standard for the evaluation within this paper. This research is important because it can inform legislators about dyslexic specific legislation, particularly in South Dakota. This document will help parents, speech-language pathologists, and other professionals understand better what the eligibility laws for dyslexia explicitly state.

Researching Midwest states' law and policy on dyslexia will provide a comparison of legislation in similar states providing a framework in establishing legislation that would best serve the needs of students in the K-12 schools, particularly students with dyslexia and specifically in the state of South Dakota.


Fourth Advisor: Dr. Mandy Williams



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