Date of Award

Spring 2021

Document Type

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Randy Quevillon

Second Advisor

Bridget Diamond-Welch

Third Advisor

Tarah Walton


Police officers, burnout, trauma, coping, mental health


Police officers face burnout and trauma throughout their entire careers. There is a well-established knowledge of the psychological consequences that police officers face as well as some of the ways that they cope with these psychological issues. This study was an attempt to describe a group of police officers and their use of both positive and negative coping mechanisms such as alcohol use and avoidance. Further, the project assessed rates of burnout and trauma via an online survey that was sent to four different police departments in the Midwest. Participants (N=84) were officers that range in age from 23 to 66. These officers indicated a range of trauma and burnout using self-report measures, as well as indicated the type of coping mechanism that they used.



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