Date of Award

Spring 2021

Document Type

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Dr. Duncan Barlow

Second Advisor

Professor Carol Geu

Third Advisor

Dr. Leah McCormack


Creative writing, queer themes, short stories, queer children and monsters, For the Living, Wrong, Thoughts of a Downed Oak Tree

Subject Categories



Overgrown is a collection of short stories stemming from nontangible anxieties, such as death, violence against women, and the queer search for acceptance. Each of the three pieces, including Thoughts of a Downed Oak Tree, Wrong, and For the Living, touches upon how individuals experience these anxieties and how they face them. I also selected Overgrown because all included pieces had to deal with a piece of reflection, overcoming or discovery. The Title Overgrown reflects both the sense of nature these pieces bring, but also the aspect of personal reflection they conjure. These characters engage with a degree of growth, whether that be in overcoming grief or coming to terms with their identities.

Included in

Fiction Commons



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