Application of the SMART® Board in the Music Classroom

Date of Award


Document Type

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Mrs. Faye Haggar

Second Advisor

Dr. Darlene Fett

Third Advisor

Dr. Susan Keith Gray


Music, Education, SMART® Board, Interactive Whiteboard

Subject Categories

Music Education


The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the various manners in which one can utilize the interactive whiteboard in the music classroom. Another goal of the project was to analyze the manners in which the interactive whiteboard can be effectively used to teach students about music from cultures found around the world. The study includes published programs that exist for use on the interactive whiteboard in the music classroom, as well as original creations that were designed specifically to meet common instructional objectives in the field of elementary music education. In order to accurately show the seemingly infinite capabilities of the interactive whiteboard in the music classroom, four units of lesson plans were created for the third grade music classroom. Each centers on the interactive whiteboard and includes five lessons that allow the music educator to teach his or her students about the music of different areas of the world.

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