Date of Award

Summer 9-24-2021

Document Type

Honors Thesis


Criminal Justice

First Advisor

Melissa Berninger

Second Advisor

Cindy Struckman-Johnson

Third Advisor

Leah Seurer


breakups, relationships, breakup model, attachment styles, mediated breakup

Subject Categories

Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence | Family, Life Course, and Society | Human Factors Psychology | Interpersonal and Small Group Communication | Leisure Studies | Other Psychology | Personality and Social Contexts | Social Psychology | Social Psychology and Interaction


This thesis reviews research on the most difficult aspect of dating: the breakup. The process of ending a romantic relationship follows a particular pattern which begins when problems begin to arise in the partnership and ends when both individuals have accepted the breakup and received closure. Using various peer-reviewed studies, the literature review deliberates the common predictors of a breakup, common methods of breaking up (and how each is perceived by the other person), common reactions to the breakup based on gender, and finally, the aftermath of the breakup. It is determined that personal and individual relationship factors ultimately decide the fate of a breakup; however, there is no single correct answer. Therefore, comprehension of the breakup model is beneficial for those seeking to end their partnership as it takes into account contextual differences and advises the course of a breakup.



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