Date of Award


Document Type

Honors Thesis


Health Science

First Advisor

Dr. Patti Berg-Poppe

Second Advisor

Dr. Matt Dewald

Third Advisor

Professor Andrea Powell


Stretching, Dynamic, static, Ballistic, Hop

Subject Categories

Sports Sciences


Comparison of Dynamic and Static Stretching Protocols on Hopping Performance in Female Collegiate Soccer Players

Emma Harkleroad

Director: Dr. Patti Berg-Poppe

The purpose of this study was to evaluate static, dynamic, and no stretching on triple hop distance among female collegiate soccer players. Twenty-one volunteers (ages 18-22) from a Division I women's soccer team were randomly grouped into one of 3 intervention rotation groups. All subjects participated in 5 minutes of dynamic, static, or no stretching protocols on each of 3 days, depending upon the rotation timeline. Active ankle dorsiflexion range of motion (AROM) measurements with knee extended and knee flexed were recorded for both dominant (DL) and non-dominant (NDL) limbs pre/postintervention. Dynamic stretching yielded the greatest hop distance for both DL and NDL compared to no stretching and static stretching. No statistical significance was seen in comparisons of triple hop distances between stretching protocols. Although the benefits of dynamic or static stretching were not more beneficial than no stretching prior to power activities, dynamic stretching yielded the furthest hop distance. It is preferable to participate in dynamic stretching prior to competition in collegiate level women's soccer.



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