Date of Award

Spring 2022

Document Type

Honors Thesis


Political Science

First Advisor

Dr. Julia Marin Hellwege

Second Advisor

Dr. Shane Nordyke

Third Advisor

Mandie Weinandt, M.B.A


women's representation, marginalization, physical security

Subject Categories

Other Political Science


The historic marginalization of women has left gaps in women’s representation and has damaged the level of protection afforded to women around the world. By examining the origins of female marginalization inside and outside of politics and female legislative behavior and style, I argue that the percentage of seats held by women in government conditionally impacts global female physical security. This study examines the impact of the percentage of seats held by women in the lower house (or single house) of government in 2010 on physical security. Physical security is operationalized into six dependent variables: the homicide rate among females, the percentage of women who experience intimate partner violence, the levels on the prevalence of rape, sex trafficking, and abortion law scales, and the percentage of women utilizing any type of contraception. The findings of this research demonstrate that higher percentages of seats held by women significantly impact some aspects of female physical security. Some control variables, such as the education scale and the Polity democracy score, also significantly impact some aspects of female physical security.



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