Date of Award

Fall 12-12-2022

Document Type

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Matthew Heard

Second Advisor

Jewel Goodman Shepherd

Third Advisor

Carole South-Winter


Preventative, Healthcare, System, Quality

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The healthcare system in the United States is struggling with excessive costs and disproportionate quality measures. While the U.S. spends the most on healthcare in the world, the quality of the healthcare is not reflected in this cost. With excessive spending being the strategy to improve quality in the past, new strategies need to be implemented to improve quality as increased spending is not raising this statistic. One factor that can improve quality and reduce costs is the introduction and utilization of preventative healthcare programs. These programs are built to keep at-risk populations from developing serious, permanent diseases that deplete resources and increase the cost of health insurance for the population. The implementation and development of these preventative healthcare programs encourages the population to maintain better health practices and reduces the need for repetitive consumption of healthcare by consumers. By compiling data showing the beneficial effects of these programs and their effects at the state level, it will become clear that lowering costs and improving quality of healthcare by utilizing preventative healthcare programs will benefit the healthcare system.

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Business Commons



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