Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2023

Document Type

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Kathryn Birkeland

Second Advisor

Tyler Custis

Third Advisor

Reed Muehler


Mega Sporting Event, Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Economic Impact, Legacy

Subject Categories

Finance | Growth and Development | International Economics | Public Economics | Sports Management


Mega sporting events have faced increased scrutiny in recent decades for their negative economic impacts, externalities, and environmental effects. As multimillion dollar stadiums lay abandoned and future host city bids are withdrawn as public opinion on mega sporting events worsens with time, economists, governing bodies, and sports fans worry about the future locations of these massive sports festivals. In my thesis, I will conduct a meta analysis of articles measuring the various impacts and effects of hosting a mega sporting event. I will begin by performing an extensive literature review of the various factors contributing to a mega sporting event’s legacy and will summarize how each determines the overall success (or failure) of the host city. Next, the results of each of the sources will be analyzed, formulating a perspective on the current state of mega sporting events’ economic viabilities for their host cities. Finally, discussion about the results of the literature and will provide my own recommendations and solutions about optimizing the MSE for its host city.



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