Date of Award

Spring 5-2023

Document Type

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Nicole Ackman

Second Advisor

Mandie Weinandt

Third Advisor

Henry Wiedrich


Women, Communication, Leadership, Difference, Business

Subject Categories

Business | Communication


This thesis will work to describe the different experiences women have in the workplace compared to men. It will discuss the biases faced: prove-it-again bias, tightrope bias, and the maternal wall bias. These play a large role in why women act as they do in the workplace as well as why they tend to experience different barriers within the corporate ladder. This research notes both gender biases facing women and the additional bias women of color face. These different experiences change how women lead companies when placed in executive positions. These leadership styles of women tend to be more welcoming and encouraging compared to the more task-oriented ones often embodied by men. Women in the Workforce (2022) states that women make -up just under half of today’s workforce and understanding the variation in leadership style they are likely to employ when given a leadership position is key to understanding the value of more balanced promotion practices and reducing the barriers women face in being promoted to leadership positions.



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