Date of Award

Spring 5-6-2023

Document Type

Honors Thesis


Social Work

First Advisor

Kelly Bass

Second Advisor

Tallie Cassanova

Third Advisor

Carole South-Winter


mindfulness, social work, curriculum, stress

Subject Categories

Curriculum and Instruction | Social Work


Undergraduate and graduate students are often enveloped in an array of stress and anxiety, and it is no surprise that undergraduate and graduate social work students are faced with high amounts of stress due to vicarious trauma as a result of exposure to via coursework and experiential learning. It also comes as no surprise that social work professionals are exposed to numerous stressors causing the burnout rate for social workers to be high. Mindfulness techniques are used in various cultures and religions around the world with the purpose of synching mind and body. Using mindfulness techniques, individuals can be fully aware and present, which allows for the identification of emotional and physical patterns and adjustment to provide the most benefits. Awareness and adaptation of one’s emotional and physical sensations, especially in a helping profession like social work, is crucial in combating stress and burnout. This thesis will examine various articles and peer-reviewed studies conducted on mindfulness techniques being implemented in undergraduate and graduate social work curricula. This thesis will hopefully link mindfulness training added to the pedagogy of undergraduate and graduate social work programs to a decrease in the stress and burnout rate for social work students.



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