Date of Award

Spring 2023

Document Type

Honors Thesis


Studio Art

First Advisor

John Banasiak

Second Advisor

Amber E. Hansen

Third Advisor

Amy Fill


Migrant, Photography, Storytelling

Subject Categories

Fine Arts | Photography | Visual Studies


The Migrant Communities of South Sioux City is a photographic series that showcases the individual stories, intimate spaces, older generation insights and hopes for their future lives. Stories are a great way to connect with, inspire, and influence humans. Personal storytelling—the kind that reveals who we are and what we care about— are the most potent and effective ways to connect with the world around us. This project seeks out the stories of migrant workers living in the same region but from different countries. In this series, I ask questions to hear everyone’s stories and allows others to hear and remember their stories. Initiating a project like this will bring added understanding to the Siouxland community, and the appreciation and respect that all people deserve. The project is broken down into four different volumes, wherein in each volume, the images are a direct reference to that specific volume title. Stories included within the volumes are the most effective way to convey information, teach, and shape people’s opinions. The methods that I used to create this were through voice recording, collecting handwritten stories, and photographing migrant workers in the context of their communities and in the places where they work, live, and play. These photographs contain powerful messages and allow the audience to go further into these participant’s personal lives. I believe that migrant workers are underappreciated and deserve a place and a voice in the Siouxland community where they are a value of added cultural diversity. Migrant labor is work undertaken by individuals, families, or communities who have moved from abroad. Migrant workers contribute to growth and development in their ‘host’ countries or regions, while countries or regions of origin benefit from the skills these workers gather while away, and from any taxes or remittances sent ‘home.’



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