Date of Award

Spring 4-5-2024

Document Type

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Matthew Heard

Second Advisor

Dr. Jewel Goodman Shepherd

Third Advisor

Wynette Mockler


Health Insurance Literacy (HIL), Health Insurance, Public Health, Healthcare Spending

Subject Categories

Health Services Administration | Health Services Research | Insurance | Public Health Education and Promotion


This literature review and cross-comparison were conducted to combine resources that bring to light the lack of knowledge on health insurance, the impact of this low health insurance literacy (HIL), and the lack of research being done in this subject field. This thesis analyzes and compares different research that measures HIL levels and compares these findings. At the same time, this thesis presents the complex history of health insurance and how this understanding can contribute to lower population HIL and proposes different ways to accurately measure HIL. The purpose is to show the necessity for more research into the field of HIL and increase public awareness of this issue that poses a modern barrier to health care. Finally, the thesis presents proposed solutions to the current issues that are occurring in the HIL research field and the necessity for the increase of HIL education efforts to be furthered.



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