Date of Award

Spring 2019

Document Type

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Dr. Christopher V. Anderson

Second Advisor

Dr. Allison Naber

Third Advisor

Dr. Michael Granaas


Repetitive strain injury, injuries of nervous tissue, eSports


Participation in competitive video games, or eSports, is growing. ESports players subject themselves to high-intensity practice sessions over long hours in order to maintain their competitive edge. This may be putting them at risk for developing repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) of the nervous tissue. RSI is an umbrella category for musculoskeletal or nervous tissue injuries caused by repetitive motions, sustained muscular contractions, or abnormal posture. Nerve entrapments are common in occupations with repetitive hand and wrist actions, which may include eSports. Mechanisms of injury of RSIs to the nervous tissue were compared to motions and postures associated with playing video games. The mechanisms of injury were determined to be similar to the motions that cause injury in eSports. This mechanisms of injury comparison, coupled with firsthand accounts from current and former eSports players diagnosed with nerve entrapment disorders, provide preliminary evidence to determine that playing eSports can be linked to RSIs of the nervous tissue. Given the accelerating growth of eSports, the occurrence of resultant RSIs of nervous tissue may increase and therefore benefit from additional study.



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