Date of Award

Spring 2019

Document Type

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Dr. Clayton Miles Lehmann


Fantasy, Mythology, Creation


This work is a novella that illustrates the mythology and history of a fictional world. It begins with the birth of the gods and the creation of the universe, told in more abstract terms. The myths detailing the creation of sentient beings and the mortal and immortal race will follow. After that point, the story arcs diverge, and we follow the paths of the immortal races through the eyes of important historical figures belonging to said races. The collection of works will converge once again when addressing the calamity that causes the death of the gods, and then showcase how each race responds to that event. The works themselves will contain slightly different writing styles to evidence the personalities and mannerisms of the different narrators. Within the work, there are several references to mythology that bring further depth to the piece. This piece is also intended to provoke reflection in the reader regarding the existence of good and evil, fault and blame, and about what truth is and how storytelling functions.



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