Date of Award

Spring 2018

Document Type

Honors Thesis


Kinesiology and Sport Management

First Advisor

Dr. Talin Louder

Second Advisor

Dr. Christina Keller

Third Advisor

Dr. Robin Ammon


reactive strength index, depth jump, volleyball


This study evaluated the influence of drop height on and the statistical associations between Sheppard & Young’s (2006) three neuromuscular characteristics of agility: reactive strength, concentric strength and power, and bilateral symmetry. Nine NCAA DI women’s volleyball players completed a depthjumping protocol at three different drop heights. Ground reaction force data was used to calculate the reactive strength index (RSI); peak and average power, peak and average force; and percent differences between the right and left lower limbs in peak and average power and force. Each neuromuscular characteristic was statistically associated with drop height, each of the other two neuromuscular characteristics, and rebound jump height. Linear regressions provided association data. The strongest association was between RSI and rebound jump height. Average force was moderately associated with RSI and weakly associated with rebound jump height. Peak power was weakly associated with RSI. This information could be used by health practitioners to better design training programs that improve vertical agility capabilities in athletes.



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