Of Drunkards and Scofflaws: Vermillion's Prohibition Story


Of Drunkards and Scofflaws: Vermillion's Prohibition Story


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Download From The Wet Hen, Military Inspection Number Vol. 7 #4, 1932, p. 6, in Box 1 of the Wet Hen. Archives and Special Collections. (1.8 MB)

Download Back row: Jacob Taylor, Matt Yetter. Middle row: Irene Aplan [back to camera], Jess Tisher, Samantha Jungers [obscured by Jess], Cash Anderson. Front row: Hannah Hofmaier (2.1 MB)

Download Volante May 1916. Archives and Special Collections. (2.3 MB)


Of Drunkards and Scofflaws explores some of the experiences of the town of Vermillion, South Dakota, and some surrounding communities, during Prohibition. Prohibition in South Dakota began earlier and lasted longer than the period of national Prohibition—national Prohibition lasted from 1920 to 1933—in most of the rest of the United States. The podcast focuses on the bootlegger Milton Schooley, Vermillion and Prohibition, the Beresford “Super Still,” “the Island” or Asymptote, attitudes toward Prohibition seen at the University of South Dakota, and the trial of Ozzy Kirby.

Publication Date

Spring 2018


Vermillion; Prohibition; USD; student research; Milton Schooley, Super Still, Asymptote, Ozzy Kirby, Wet Hen, Volante


David Burrow, Isaac Otterman, and Samantha Jungers


Pierce Libbey and David Burrow


Matt Lavin (Davis Pharmacy in Vermillion)

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Chuck Cecil, Astride the White Mule; The Sioux Falls Argus Leader; The Dakota Republican; The Volante; The Wet Hen; The Coyote yearbook, The Archives & Special Collections at the University of South Dakota; the Oral History Center at the University of South Dakota; the Clay County Historical Society; the Vermillion Public Library; the United Church of Christ in Vermillion; the Clay County Clerk of Courts.


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Of Drunkards and Scofflaws: Vermillion's Prohibition Story