Female Liberation Movement and the Birth of International Women's Day in Russia

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International Women's Day is holiday celebrated by many countries around the world. However few people know that the holiday originated in the country most famous for its patriarchal ways, Russia. The holiday was first marked in 1917 when Russian female factory workers went on strike to march for better pay. Later that march became a catalyst for the Russian revolution. In this presentation, I will cover the history of Russian women's liberation movement of nineteenth and twentieth century. At the same time, the presentation will cover the struggle women of Russia faced as they fought for their rights in a traditionally patriarchal country. Lastly, I will cover how the liberation movement led to the creation of a holiday that is now celebrated throughout Europe and the world. Additionally, the presentation will briefly cover how Russians used to celebrate Women's Day and how they celebrate it now.

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Ilmira Dulyanova

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Modern Languages

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