Lo que compra un dólar (What a Dollar Buys)

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Modern Languages


Students in USD’s SPAN 330: Reading and Writing for Communication course wrote a collection of stories for their mid semester creative writing project. For this project, students were challenged to write an original text in Spanish that included an object purchased at a dollar store. This project was inspired by the Dollar Storeys, a series of short audio stories produced by Chicago Public Radio and The Dollar Store Show. In Lo que compra un dólar, audience will learn about the story behind a sad elf boy, the reason for misshaped animal crackers, the enablement a scrunchy can give, the hidden powers of a garden gnome, the life of an energy drink container, the multidimensional experience that reading glasses can offer, the idyll benefits of a garden.

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Dayana Soto y Caballero de Galicia

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Modern Languages

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