Solving Climate by 2030 with Bard College

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After receiving the CURCS mini-grant, I was able to fly over and meet other sustainability students at Bard College in Rhinecliff, NY for the the C2C Sustainability Fellows Leadership Workshop. It was there that I first got to hear Bard College's plan to Solve Climate by 2030. They are focusing specifically on the potential of solar energy, but also wanted to encourage the youth in each state to be aware of what their personal role is. On April 7, there will be a webinar in each state describing three specific things that people can do to help solve the climate crisis by 2030. I've been participating in an online internship collaborating with the project and it has offered experience working with social media, as well as the skills that come with planning such an event. I am working to bring a guest speaker to USD for this "power dialogue" in order to encourage students in South Dakota to become more passionate about the solutions we can work towards. I would like to have my oral presentation describe the vision Bard College has for solar energy development, as well as discuss my project towards bringing the same vision to our state. Since the dialogue will be around the same time as IdeaFest, this could also be a great opportunity to entice students to check out the calls-to-action given by our guest.

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Meghann Jarchow

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