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Theatre and Performance Studies


The purpose of going to the Senior Showcase in New York is to continue and enhance our studies in the theatre within the areas of acting, singing, dancing with Broadway and film professionals. We are all currently Seniors with various emphases within the theatre program and our work is focused on the rigorous training that goes into the making of musical theatre and theatre studies majors. The University of South Dakota's theatre program strives to develop their performers and artists by offering "the only bachelor of fine arts in the state and is dedicated to taking talented individuals and helping them realize their artistic dreams" ( Our project takes us into the heart of New York City from March 11-13, 2020 to participate in the Senior Showcase. The Senior Showcase includes workshops on voice acting, musical theatre, monologues, film/TV, and auditioning where we will be working with current Broadway, film, and TV actors; voice and performance coaches; acting teachers; agents; and casting directors. This experience in New York will provide further information in the currency of Broadway practices and broaden USD's departmental pedagogies. With our training at the University of South Dakota's Theatre Program and under the creative scholarship of Matt Nesmith, we will be showcasing what we've learned and apply it into workshops and a professional public performance. At the Senior Showcase we will be building connections with professional New York based directors and agents for future collaborations with USD's theatre department.

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