Contemporary Art Education Practices and Methods

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Our collective objective is to learn contemporary art methods in teaching in order to build a better curriculum and lessons that all students can benefit from, no matter learning ability, age, or art experience. The common problem art teachers have is engaging all students. Barriers such as disabilities, disinterest, and disproportionate funding affect art educators and how they teach students. We will look at contemporary methods of combating these issues while also keeping within standards and providing a quality art education. We want to focus on specifically high school students. We acknowledge that art education at the elementary and middle school plays a vital role, however the obstacles mentioned above are more specifically addressed at the high school level. As a group, we will curate a thirty-day curriculum complete with projects and lesson plans that meets these goals while staying within a budget and keeping up to standards, all while remaining enjoyable and achievable for all students.

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Cory Knedler

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