Rodeo: A Round-Up of Personal Recollections of a Midwestern Tradition

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Fine Arts


For this visual arts project, I will be presenting visual work that will add to the overall understanding of what goes into being a part of that tradition and culture that surrounds rodeo. This presentation will specifically consider elements of rodeo that aren't always associated with the action-packed sport, such as the risk of professional rodeo as a full-time job, the inevitable injuries and associated costs, and its effect on family. After photographing and interviewing with professional athletes and their families at PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) sanctioned rodeos and events, I have gathered the necessary content that will be clearly displayed on the wall for individuals to interact with. I plan to combine the cultural element of rodeo with a personal look into the lifestyle of athletes and their families through physical prints of digitally rendered spreads. These prints will be accompanied by text taken from interviews to give context and add a personal element, in addition to informing the viewer. I plan on designing a brochure type document combining the positive effect the CURCS Grant had on me with elements of the project and information about myself that viewers will be able to take with them.

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John Banasiak

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