The Impact of Class Size on Academic Performance and Student Impressions in College Students

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Educational Psychology | Student Counseling and Personnel Services


This study will examine the impact of class size in high school courses compared to in college courses. In past research, Chingos (2013) found that high school years have a large impact on their future academic success. Because education plays such a big role in children and young adults' lives, we thought it would be important to investigate the student academic performance and student impressions of their courses. We will administer a survey to University of South Dakota undergraduate students regarding class size, academic performance, and student impressions. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of class size on student academic performance and student impressions in current undergraduate students. Additionally, we will compare the data regarding high school versus college courses. This study could aid in cultivating a more conducive learning environment for high school and college courses.

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Gabrielle Strouse

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Counseling & Psychology in Education

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