Collegiate Athletes' Perceptions of Professional Counseling

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Educational Psychology | Student Counseling and Personnel Services


Mental wellbeing is an area of concern regarding college students, and is especially critical for collegiate student-athletes. Counseling services are designed to promote good mental health. One's views towards counseling impact their likelihood of attending counseling sessions. The purpose of this study is to determine if college athletes who attend counseling or are familiar with people who have attended counseling have more positive views towards counseling. We theorize that the more touch points a student-athlete has with counseling, the more positive their views towards counseling will be. Participants in this study will include voluntary current collegiate-athletes willing to complete a short survey regarding their personal experience with professional counseling. Once the data are collected, they will be analyzed to assess trends in student-athletes' views towards counseling services. By obtaining this data, it may be possible to assist student athletes get mental health counseling if needed.

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Gabrielle Strouse

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Counseling & Psychology in Education

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