Communication Activism Pedagogy: Using Social Justice in Communication Studies

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Educational Administration and Supervision


The National Communication Association calls for communication educators to help equip students with the skills to become competent communicators in the ever-changing world. In response, Frey and Palmer (2014) coined the term "Communication Activism Pedagogy." Communication activism pedagogy or CAP teaches students, studying communication, how to use their knowledge and skills to promote social justice (Frey & Palmer, 2014). This research paper reviews the need for students and educators to engage in combatting social injustices. In addition, this paper examines the concept of communication activism pedagogy, applying its concepts to the communication discipline in the basic communication course. To conclude, the paper discusses implications for adult education and communication studies and directions for future research. Keywords: communication; social justice; critical pedagogy; basic communication course.

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Susan Santo

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Educational Administration

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