Native American Use of "Joy" for Coping with Stressful Experiences

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Medicine and Health Sciences


In the conduction of my survey, I will be examining the joy component to emotions. Through this examination of the emotion 'joy" the component humor will be examined. Native Americans tend to use joy by creating humor with stressful experiences that are occur/occurred as an emotional coping response. However, it is said through many researches that Native Americans believe this was the reason for surviving the stressful events that took place in the earlier beginning of America with forces removal, death, and epidemic of various diseases. Native Americans have been using humor to lighten the mood and survival of the moment. Native American's use humor and is one of their strong coping mechanisms and can be universal for many tribes throughout the United States. This survey will be reviewing several research articles regarding Native Americans use of "joy" along with conducting a survey of asking Native Americans how they go about stressful life situations. My goal from the survey is to see how much humor is implemented within Native Americans life situations surrounding stressful situations. Also, reviewing how humor has been beneficial and the impact it has on stressful situations. After reviewing my results, I can then indicate the "why" to humor being implemented within Native Americans stressful situations.

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Becky Wolff

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Health Sciences

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