The Effects of Emotional Intelligence on Academic Performance

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Medicine and Health Sciences


This project examines the relationship between emotional intelligence and academic success and how students can use this information to better understand themselves and their emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a combination of significant parts of a person's internal and external mindset, personality, stress management and temperament. All of these can also have an influence on the academic accomplishment and performance for college students. This project looks at various scholarly articles, studies and research that have been done to help support and better understand the idea that emotional intelligence influences academic performance. With the information gathered and studied, this project will discuss and support exactly how emotional intelligence influences college students' academic performance with specific examples and studies included to support this idea. This presentation can help students understand not only what emotional intelligence is but how it can affect their academic studies, performance and accomplishments. With this information, students can better understand their emotional intelligence and how to better improve it and use it to benefit their academic performance. Overall, the hope of this project is to give students a better understanding of emotional intelligence and show them how it can benefit their life if they understand their own emotional intelligence.

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Becky Wolff

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Health Sciences

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