How Emotional Intelligence Affects Leadership

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Learning about your emotional intelligence has many benefits. Being self-aware and having emotional intelligence helps people become great leaders and strong team members. Not many people realize the importance of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence makes for a good leader and displays how much it can influence a person to go above and beyond. In this topic, we discuss how Elouise Cobell's emotional intelligence helped her create change as a very influential leader. Methods would entail books and activities that are available for emotional intelligence. These methods allow you to build awareness of your strengths and weaknesses of emotional intelligence. Parish states, "Effective higher education leaders include leaders managing their emotions and the emotions of others" (2015). This research displays that emotional intelligence is a relevant and important skill when becoming a leader in any situation. Leaders are everywhere, but it takes a person with high emotional intelligence to lead such a big group of people such as the Native American population. Since Cobell realized the needs of others and her own, she established a very powerful leadership position. A movie called 100 Years was made about a woman's fight for justice on behalf of Native American people. It's a story about a 30-year fight for justice. Over 300,000 Native Americans' lands were mismanaged by the United States government. Elouise Cobell, a Blackfeet warrior began asking questions about money missing from the government-managed Indian Trust accounts. In 1969, Cobell filed a class-action lawsuit against the federal government. Cobell was the treasurer of her tribe and stood up for what is right. She was considered a leader to the Native American people. Corbels emotional intelligence helped her become the leader she is today. It also helped her fight for justice for her people when the federal government tried to deny the accusation.

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