HIV/AIDS and Health Disparities in Tanzania, Africa

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Medicine and Health Sciences


The following poster focuses on the HIV/AIDS epidemic stemming from Health Disparities in Tanzania, Africa. HIV/AIDS is an incurable disease affecting the immune system's ability to fight off infections. The condition is a global health issue that needs methods such as prevention, treatment, and interventions around the world. The current Health Issues paper combines several peer-reviewed sources that were accessed via USD databases, Academic Search Premier, the CDC, WHO, the World Bank, the World Factbook, and other resources accessed via credible health-related websites or journal articles. The vast amounts of health disparities among Tanzanians play a significant role in the prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Tanzania is one country, along with many others that battle this major health issue. Many countries are in great need of education and better care for those with HIV/AIDS. The results show that increased education, advanced healthcare, and having a positive attitude to defeat the stigmas surrounding the disease would have the most effective outcome to decrease the prevalence of HIV/AIDS. All in all, further interventions, increased education, and increasing the number of people taking ART would reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

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Jamie Turgeon-Drake

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Health Sciences

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