Honesty in Healthcare: Importance of Transparency in Doctor-Patient Relationship.

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Health Services Administration


The doctor-patient relationship is a unique and compromisable connection. This group is looking into the union between the doctor and patient and how it functions. For numerous reasons, patients will withhold symptoms and crucial information that the doctor needs to know for an accurate diagnosis. This can include falsifying symptoms to receive prescription drugs, typically done by addicts. Patients will lie when they feel they will be judged or punished. In some cases, patients do not necessarily lie, rather they do not fully understand the information provided or questions being asked. Some patients do give false information. Though half of the information may be true the other half is often false. Patients do it to make themselves either look healthier or downplay their symptoms (Lipman, 2015). The goal is to find comprehensible reasoning as to why patients withhold information from their doctor. This group hopes to uncover the reasons to strengthen trust between the doctor-patient relationship. If transparency is increased it will allow for a lesser amount of time patients will spend in healthcare facilities as well allowing for more patients to be seen in a timely manner. This project can impact access, quality, and cost in today's healthcare settings. Lipman, M. M. (2015). Truth or consequences? Consumer Reports on Health, 27(6),11.

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Carole South-Winter

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Health Services Administration

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