Translating Por el sótano y el torno: an Exercise in Translation for Performance

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International and Area Studies


I am fortunate enough to have receive the Graduate Research and Create Scholarship Grant from the USD Graduate school and will be attending and presenting my work at The Association for Hispanic Classical Theater in El Paso, Texas with Dr. Robert Turner III. As part of a combined presentation, Dr. Turner and I will discuss the translation process and the decisions made in an effort to create a play text that will resonate with contemporary viewers without leaving behind the verbal and visual spectacle that is the original. Special attention will be given to the question of how to maintain and develop themes from the original text without having the translation bog down. As part of my work towards her master's degree, Dr. Robert Turner and I have spent two semesters working on a translation of Por el sótano y el turno with an eye towards a performable text. This text was selected because it is relatively unknown; it is a fast-paced urban play with a great potential for adaptation; and it makes interesting use of space, disguise and misdirection. Complicating the matter of the translation is the inclusion of Portuguese in the text and its importance as a plot element. This project is unique because the piece Por el sótano y el torno by Tirso has never been translated into English before and his work is renowned in the field of comedias and this would allow people who do not speak Spanish to experience the text as well.

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Robert L Turner III

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International Studies

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