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At IdeaFest we plan to present how our Trivia Night, that we will be holding at one of the bars here in Vermillion, will help inform people about our community food pantry and how much they have helped those who are in need of services and food. The idea of this trivia night is not only to have an event for the community members and people, but to help inform them about the biggest issue we have in this county. This issue involves the poverty rate in Clay County which is the second highest in the state of South Dakota. The Vermillion Food Pantry has already helped and contributed to this issue, but even with these contributions from The Vermillion Food Pantry there are still more needs and contributions to help in further solving this issue. They have provided food assistance to low-moderate income families around Clay County. In 2019, they helped provide food to 7,907 individuals, which averages to 255 households a month. Clay County has a poverty rate of 36%, and out of the 250 households that the Vermillion Food Pantry helped, 102 of those households had one or more persons working. Just as those households are experiencing a gap, so is the Vermillion Food Pantry in securing funds for a replacement freezer in our shopping area. We want to share this information to as many people as possible, because we believe that it won't just help the families that are living in food scarcities, but we also believe it will help the Vermillion Food Pantry with necessities they need to provide even more services and food for the families that can't afford it. We thought that by providing the community with this event was the best way to bring groups of people together to inform and showcase what people can do to help and what better way to inform them rather than trivia itself.

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