Vermillion Counts! 2020 Census

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Political Science


The census reports on the population of our country. This information is used to determine many things such as the number and districts for the House of Representatives as well as the apportioning of many federal funds. We are assisting the Vermillion public library and thus by extension the Vermillion Chamber of Development and Commerce in their efforts to ensure a more accurate count of the Vermillion population. Last census cycle, Vermillion's count fell short by quite a bit, resulting in under-funding for the University of South Dakota and the area in general. The purpose of the Vermillion Counts program is to raise awareness so that as many people as possible, regardless of income and internet access are counted. We also include in our awareness efforts information, so that the people of the community know where they should be counted. In addition, we will also aid in informing the residents of Vermillion why they should fill out the census, and where their information goes; likewise, we will educate on how an accurate count can help the community and everyone in it. Another goal is to show people how the information will be used, as many people are concerned where their personal information goes, and may cause some to neglect the census out of fear. Our efforts will include physical materials such as fliers and posters, as well as planning an event during the census period.

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Julia Hellwege

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Political Science

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