African American Women's Achievement Gap: The Effects of Systematic Operation on The Education System Post Brown V. Board of Education

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Political Science


The historical and lasting impact of the lack of educational advancements has put African Americans at a disadvantage for hundreds of years economically. The most affected population has been African American woman. My research paper will synthesize the history and impact of African Americans women's education starting with Brown V. Board of Education (1954) to the current socioeconomical impact that has had on generations to follow assessing the "achievement gaps" or alleged differences in educational performance isn't based on race, or lack of ability; rather a system of oppression. To determine the impact systematic oppression had on African American women, I will compare higher education of Caucasian women to African American women and the income gap. Policy levers such as improved access to higher education alone, while important, will not be enough to make up for a generational gap, and equal opportunity for wealth-building. Education has always been seen as a leg up in society, for African American women the gap experienced now is a product of systematic oppression the only way around this is by creating change

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Julia Hellwege

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Political Science

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