Why Conservative Values Lead to a Lack of Republican Women Representation

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Political Science


In this presentation, we will be talking about the lack of representation of Republican women with respect to governmental systems across the United States. The purpose of this study is to examine the underlying reasons for Republican women feeling discouraged to run for office. In the United States, people are used to seeing the traditional white male as having the most political power. Once people recognize that this is a norm that can be changed, collectively, we can change it. In the United States alone, 83% of the women in the United States Congress today are Democrats. This is due in part to the partisan divide in the government of the United States. There are many influences that determine whether or not a woman may make the decision to run for office, but due to the different traditions, the progressive nature of the Democratic party could influence this decision. When we broaden the scope to a global perspective, there are some common factors, such as peer influence, family values, and political resources, that influence the decision for women to run for office. In our study, we used meta-analysis to look at previous authors work in regard to global and national issues but we used female representatives from South Dakota as our primary source of information.

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Julia Hellwege

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Political Science

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