Violence Against Women in Politics: A Comparative Study

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Political Science


Violence against women in politics is a significant barrier that politically active women may face when running for office or after being elected to office. Physical violence is not the only form of violence committed against women; other types include sexual violence, psychological violence, economic violence, and symbolic violence. Harassment and intimidation through the media can also be a form of violence. Throughout this research, comparisons between countries with instances of violence against women in politics will be made to see how this violence impacts the number of women running for and being represented in government. This research will demonstrate how political violence against women negatively impacts women's political participation. By comparing the effects of violence in multiple countries, it will be evident on how political violence against women is a global issue. Based on the evidence described in this research, it is evident that actions need to be taken to combat violence against women in politics so that women may be represented equally in government.

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Julia Hellwege

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Political Science

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