Understanding the Problem of Unequal Pay in the United States

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Political Science


This project will serve as the historical context and background of an Honors Thesis that seeks to look at the problem of unequal pay in higher education. However, historical context and background need to be thoroughly established to research the problem the overall thesis seeks to address. The examination of secondary resources serves as the primary method of this topic. This part of the research will address the labor movement in the United States, liberal feminism, and the Civil Rights Movement. Specifically, it will look into the connections between the labor movement and liberal feminism. It will also look at the Civil Rights Movement and the legislation being passed during that time regarding the push for equal pay between men and women. With the legislative side of equal pay, this research will also see women's political involvement in Congress and as the liberal feminist movement. This will specifically focus on the Equal Pay Act to examine how women were involved in the creation of this act. This background is necessary to establish a thorough background to further examine unequal pay as an issue in the present. Understanding the Equal Pay Act and what role women played in this issue will help to better understand the problem of unequal pay in higher education.

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Julia Hellwege

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Political Science

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