A Study of Dating App Use by USD Students

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Fifteen percent of Americans, ages eighteen to sixty-four, have used a dating site or mobile dating app with triple the usage in ages eighteen to twenty-four and double the usage in ages fifty-five to sixty-four (Smith, 2016). With growing popularity, especially among college age students, this study's main goal of many is to find out if men and women college students' approach and utilize dating apps in similar or different ways. This goal is achieved by looking at the different types of questions including opinions of dating apps, personal history, reasons, and expectations for using a dating app, sexual and romantic outcomes of dating app matches, swiping strategies, misrepresentation on dating apps, good and bad experiences on dating apps, effects of dating, a section for those who have no experience with dating apps, and finally personality questions. This study, approved by the IRB, will be conducted using a survey on SONA in psychology classes, as well as in the Muenster University Center, and the survey link will be given out to the Greek houses. Preliminary results will be presented at IdeaFest.

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Cindy Struckman-Johnson

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