AWOL- Children's Health in Denver, CO

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In recent years, the city of Denver, Colorado has experienced a surging increase in population. Along with its growth, Denver has experienced several social issues, one of which is Children's Health. Children's Health is vitally important and should be acknowledged by today's youth as they will be the ones largely impacting outcomes for a brighter future. The opportunity to provide services for children in need is especially valuable because not all children have the resources to provide for themselves. The goal for AWOL participants is to learn how to become an active citizen through participation in community service and exposure to diversity. In becoming an active citizen, participants gain the ability to apply their AWOL experiences to the needs of their own communities. Spreading their enthusiasm for service creates a ripple effect. During our trip to Denver from January 5-11, we had the privilege of serving a range of community partners specializing in a variety of issues related to Children's Health. We were able to sort and pack medical supplies for hospitals in developing countries at Project C.U.R.E. Additionally, we packed medically-tailored meals for those suffering from life-threatening illnesses at Project Angel Heart. At A Precious Child, our group assisted the donation center by cleaning, organizing, and stocking shelves to better help the needs of children from impoverished backgrounds. We also helped clean and organize Denver's Betty Ford Foundation, an organization aimed at serving children born into families struggling with addiction. Finally, at the Ronald McDonald House, we made a meal from scratch and served it to families of hospitalized children. Our group's experience in Denver was deeply inspiring. Day after day, our understanding and connection to the importance of service grew, and we've become much better citizens on our journey's toward active citizenship.

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Kim Albracht

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Virginija Wilcox

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Service Learning

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