Social Isolation

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This study will examine ow the declining association with the community outside the nuclear family correlates to the prevalence of mental health concerns relating to social isolation, belong and overall life satisfaction in adults. Mental health can encompass many dimensions, this study will focus on sense of well being, social isolation, life satisfaction, and sense of community. The effect of community connection and inclement will be examines as its possible correlation to family connectedness of the nuclear family. There are many social events within the community that could potentially affect these dimensions of mental health on individuals beyond the nuclear family. The population of interest eta the are trying tot draw inference form is rural area communities. For example, communities with less than 200,000 people would be considered a rural area with the suited. Data collection will be solicited by email and social media from a direct link to the survey. This survey will use different instrumentation scales to obtain information for analysis in deterring if social isolation correlates with overall satisfaction of life. The demographics is requested with this study will be age, race/ethnicity, biological sex, relationship status, education level, population of hometown, and town/city name and population of current residence data will be presented on a poster.

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Peter Kindle

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Social Work

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